Our Roots

 With a huge passion for the environment our founder  was becoming increasingly aware of how plastic pollution is effecting our beautiful planet, so he set out on a mission to see what could be done. His goal was to reduce as much plastic waste as possible while trying to reduce our carbon emissions in the fight against global warming.
After a lot of research he was struggling to think of something that could be done, so picked up my Yoga mat and went to his local Yoga studio to clear his mind, and there it was… Yoga mats and sustainable fitness accessories! After some research he found that the majority of Yoga mats along with drink bottles and clothing manufactured today contain plastics and toxins which aren't good for the body or the environment.
From a trip to Portugal several years ago he remembered the Cork oak when harvested breaths in 3-5 times more carbon than if left alone and cork is extremely durable so it just made sense. He then required comfort, thickness and flexibility so rubber was the perfect combination. The way rubber is harvested ensures that the tree is not cut down and does not contain any nasty chemicals so by bonding the 2 natural materials together with non toxic glue the perfect Yoga Mat was starting to come together. In addition to this he explored other options of natural materials so chose Copper bottles to add the collection which has many amazing health benefits.