Protecting our planet

Naked Soul is an ethical company that promotes Health, Wellness, Lifestyle  & Sustainability and for every mat purchased we preserve half an acre of Rainforest. 
The Cork Oak is not cut down to manufacture our product and all cork is harvested when the tree reaches full maturity by shaving the bark from the tree. By doing so this actually has a major positive Impact on our environment as the tree then absorbs 3-5 times more carbon than if left alone.
Not many people are aware that rubber comes from tree's, 

 Latex is collected from the tree with a process called Rubber tapping. The latex is harvested by slicing a groove into the bark of the tree and peeling back the bark. Trees must be approximately six years old for this process to take place. Rubber Tapping is not damaging to our planet and it does not require the tree to be cut down.

 All of our materials are harvested from sustainable sources and 
if you would like to preserve more of the Rainforest please use our optional donation button or go direct to
We believe that a great delivery service doesn’t and shouldn’t cost the earth. That’s why we only use Sendle which is Australia’s first 100% carbon-neutral delivery service.